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iCloud photos is the service by Apple related with photo sharing, storing and uploading. iCloud is a cloud computing and cloud storage service developed by Apple Company which was launched on October 12, 2011. iColud helps to connect all your Apple devices in amazing ways. It lets you to find device if you have lose it. With iCloud you can store and share photos, location, calendar and more with your family and friends. iCloud photos can store all photo and video that you take and keep it up to date on all your apple deices. iPhotos was developed to store all your photo and video safe and available on your entire apple devices.

icloud photos

It also sync all you device through iCloud, so you can access whenever you want. For many years we have been manually, managing our photo and videos by transferring then from our camera and phone to our pc with cable so that it will be safe from damage and lost. By using iCloud photo, we solve all of that as it keep all our pictures and video available and does all of it automatically.

We can easily access photo and videos through Icolud. All we need is Apple Id and an internet connection. If someone wants to see your photo, you can upload to iCloud and you enable shared photo stream option on your pc or Apple device. You can access the photo by using Apple iOS Devices or using Mac.


How To Use iCloud Photos?

You can access the photo by using following in your Apple iOS Device.

  1. First open “setting” from the Apple Device i.e. iPad, iPhone or iPod. Then tap on “iCloud”. Then turn on and enter your Apple Id. And turn on photo stream to see your picture in iCloud. Shared photo stream so you can see the picture other have shared with you.
  2. Then open the “photo” app from home screen of your Device and tap in “photo stream” which is located at the bottom of the screen.
  3. After that, tap on “My Photo stream” to see pictures you have uploaded yourself. And if you can also see the pic shared to you by other in this screen as well.

Process to access iCloud Photos by using PC


  1. First you need to download and install iCloud control Panel in your Computer.
  2. Then, launch iCloud Control panel from Window and enter your valid Apple ID and password. To create Apple ID you need Apple IOS device or Mac with OS Xlion.
  3. Then click on “photo Stream” and enable photo stream option. After that you need to enable the shared photo steam option to see photo shared by other. Then click on Apply.
  4. Finally open “photo Stream” from the windows 8 screen to see your photo stream photos and other.

Features of iCloud Photos

Fill Your Library, Not Your Device

photo stream

With iCloud photos, you can store all you photo and video and space available on your Devices. You can take as much you need. You will get 5 GB iCloud storage free and more storage start from $0.99 per month.

Access all photo from Anywhere


Icolud photos keeps all photos of the device into cloud automatically. Which make it easy to access on your Iphone, ipad , mac via ICloud.com.

Organized photo and video with ease

icloud photos

iCloud photos can organized your photos and videos into collection and years. You can also mark favorites and create album even in the web.

These are the things one iCloud photos using iCloud user must know. Even if you have any kind of query then ask with us about iCloud Photos.

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